our services

- consulting and design of air-conditioning, refrigeration, evaporative cooling and ventilation for architects, big establishments and individuals.
- installation of refrigeration equipment for cold & freezer room.
- installation of cold freezer room panels
- installation of air-conditioning systems
- installation of ventilation systems
- manufacture of ducting
- manufacture and installation of kitchen canopy's
- installation of ducting, grills and fans
- installation of ice machines
- installation of supermarket fridges
- installation of evaporative cooling systems
- repair and service of air-conditioners
- repair and service of refrigeration equipment for cold and freezer rooms
- repair and service of ice machines
- repair and service of supermarket fridge's
- repair and sevice of evaporative coolers
- service and maintanance contracts
- training of artisan assistants
- training of refrigeration mechanics
- training of plates

There is currently a good client base and a position of trust has already been established with all clients.


Extra Info: Unlike refrigerated air conditioning systems where air is chilled and re-circulated, a cool breeze evaporative system uses the natural element of water to cool the air which is never re-circulated, as stale air is continually expelled through open doors and windows